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This addon adds tools made from echo shards. They are much better than diamond.

This is a jungle/forest-type map for battletech. It has 2 start spaces already, but you don’t have to use them. It’s pretty much a jungle with bell peppers everywhere! I designed it to look like it was drawn with crayons or markers. The bell peppers are the “z pepper” stamp from Gimp. (Optional Mission: find the Gold Bell Pepper Patch, then head back to your starting space.)

This is an stl file for an Ares (battletech) figure. It’s a more original version of the mech. (simple modeling)

This is a variant of the Marauder for Battletech. It swaps speed & internal armor for missiles. The original mech record sheet was assembled by KHYRON42, & the original image was made by Anthony Scroggins. (at least that’s what the original record sheet said.) (With help from CATALYST, also) The missile launcher doesn’t look quite as good as the original’s weapon, but I think it still looks OK. (I added SPIKES)

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Be Wings of Fire Dragons in Minecraft!

The Basics To start your modern aether adventure, craft a bowl with 4 iron ingots & 4 iron nuggets to get a plated bowl. Then craft that with 1 water bottle & a rare item (Dragon’s Breath, Nether Star, Sea Heart, or Echo Shard) to make an ethereal water bowl. Next, build a portal out of glowstone & ignite with ethereal water bowl. Just go through!

This is my own RP, & is not an Official Dragon Mounts File. It will Change the dragons in Dragon Mounts: Legacy as follows: Fire = RedForest = MushroomWater = Female FairyGhost = Male FairyIce = SnowAether = GoldEnd = VoidNether = Soul

Dragon Profile

Dragon Profile

Dragon Profile

Learn how to build a Dragon Breeder for DragonForge! It will work on any non-alpha species. It will even work with Chickens!!!

An unofficial minecraft RPG on paper.


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ABOUT THIS MOD———————This mod will add so many things that it will completely overhauls all of minecraft. INCLUDES————– A villager army.– Mutated piglins (rare).– THE AETHER.– Dynamite & Illager Bombers (can’t be found survival).– A variety of new blocks made from SkyWood (aether trees).– 2 new types of blazes: (The Smoker & The Ember).– & A couple new nether biomes. HOW TO LIGHT THE AETHER PORTAL——————————————–Just make a nether portal out of glowstone. The only part (of the portal) that was my idea was this: You have to make the “Water Of Life”. You just need 1 EMERALD BLOCK & 1 bucket of water. Now I realize that only the 2nd part of that is easy… WHEN IN THE AETHER—————————The aether generates as the nether does. So, if you’ve been in the nether, it should be easy to navigate & explore. There is currently no way to get this mod because of an upload glitch on planet minecraft.

I’ve created some pretty crazy stuff using this VideoGame. & the 2nd one, as well! Here, I’m writing down all sorts of tips, tricks, genetic combinations & more!

Pokemon in minecraft? Yes, please!


An add-on that adds “ARK, survival evolved” content.

A how to train your dragon add-on for bedrock or pocket editions.

These are the skins that i made. Each pack has seperate skins.