Survival Evolved Add-on (ARK) (Discontinued)

Survival Evolved Add-on (ARK) (Discontinued)

The goal of this add-on is to add all of the “ARK survival evolved” features to MC. Plus More! Survival EVOLVED is for 1.18.0 Bedrock or Pocket editions. Go out adventuring! Tame prehistoric & magical creatures!

Current Version: 0.2.1

Minecraft Version: 1.18.0 Bedrock or Pocket Edition


Dodo Bird (1 block tall, 1 block long)

1.18.0 Bedrock or Pocket Edition

Husk’s new texture: The Mummy!

Crafting recipes:

airiron ingotair
airglass bottleair
mutation syrum recipe
dinosaur treat recipe
primal spear recipe
airairoakwood planks
airoakwood planksair
stick (oakwood)airair
primal club recipe


Other Downloads:

Recent Additions And Changes:

THERE ARE NEW MUTATED DINOS!!! Breed Dinos with mutation syrum for mutations! Get muetberries from berry bushes across the overworld. Primal spears were added with 0.0.3!!! 0.0.4 came with Primal clubs As well as changed the crafting table!!! In 0.1.0 TWO NEW BIOMES WERE ADDED!!! The crystal hills & the magical forest!!! With 0.2.1, all undead were transferred to the magical forest.

Support the Survival EVOLVED add-on by commenting ideas &/or sending bedrock files. They may even end up in the add-on! (I will give you credit if you send your minecraft username with the idea or file.)


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