DragonForge Project Tutorial

DragonForge Project Tutorial

This tutorial is about how to create your own DragonForge Project!!!

Step 1: setting up the folders

First, You’re going to want to download the DragonForge Project files here: https://pixelmonhelp.com/2022/03/18/dragonforge/

Open the file, & then copy & paste the 2 folders into your desktop. (Why Desktop, you ask? Well, when mod-making, we tend to use either the desktop, or a new folder called “mc_creations”.)

Rename those two new folders “RE_0”, & “BE_0”. (Notice that they are already named “RE”, & “BE”. Just add a number after.)

Step 2: creating the dragon model

For simple model-building, go to: https://web.blockbench.net/

This was my model:

This was my texture:

And together, they look like this:

Next, go to “paint” & paint it. When your done, go to “file/export/export bedrock geometry” and save it in the RE_0 folder as “dragon_1.geo.json”. Next, to save your texture, go to “paint”, & just click the file icon next to the texture.

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