Dragon Breeder (BluePrints)

Dragon Breeder (BluePrints)

This dragon breeder is designed for just that! Dragon breeding!

Dragon Breeder

You can even use it for any non-alpha dragon in DragonForge!

First, you will need these materials:

Stone (20), Hopper (9), Chest (2), Fence (10), & two Dragons

Build up a nice 3 block tall pillar. Then two more so that they form a wall. Now make a roof with the remaining stone or other fire-proof material. Make the floor out of hoppers, all connecting to each other, except the two middle ones. Next, dig two blocks down from where the hoppers are, & hollow out that space. place two stone in the two middle spaces. & then a double chest on top of those.

Really taking shape, huh?

Make stairs down to the hollowed pit. & finally, put up a fence. As well as trap doors on the stair case. If you want, you could put in a gate, so that you can swap dragons. Just spam-click* on the male dragon, & the chest will fill up with the Female’s Eggs.

(* But please, no spam, OK?)

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