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This addon adds tools made from echo shards. They are much better than diamond.

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The Basics To start your modern aether adventure, craft a bowl with 4 iron ingots & 4 iron nuggets to get a plated bowl. Then craft that with 1 water bottle & a rare item (Dragon’s Breath, Nether Star, Sea Heart, or Echo Shard) to make an ethereal water bowl. Next, build a portal out of glowstone & ignite with ethereal water bowl. Just go through!

This is my own RP, & is not an Official Dragon Mounts File. It will Change the dragons in Dragon Mounts: Legacy as follows: Fire = RedForest = MushroomWater = Female FairyGhost = Male FairyIce = SnowAether = GoldEnd = VoidNether = Soul


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I’ve created some pretty crazy stuff using this VideoGame. & the 2nd one, as well! Here, I’m writing down all sorts of tips, tricks, genetic combinations & more!

Pokemon in minecraft? Yes, please!


about this site – a modding site.

An add-on that adds “ARK, survival evolved” content.

These are the skins that i made. Each pack has seperate skins.